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The NBA regular season continues

Le 20 November 2017, 07:40 dans Humeurs 0

The NBA regular season continues today with 11 games today Danny Amendola Jersey, with Cavaliers overtaking the Clippers overtime and James and Wade at the same time creating a record; the Nuggets beat the Pelicans for 146 points, making the Rockets record the highest season mark a day before The heat was broken; the Hornets lost to the Bulls Dwayne Allen Jersey, Walker got 47 points to become empty cut Emperor, the following is the summary of today's data. This passage from the 2017 draft champion Fuerz, he accepted the Tencent Sports interview expressed confidence in the level of talent for the 76ers. 76 before the gambling pick, the purpose is to get the talented players, despite their mistakes, but the harvest is still quite good, especially the Abby and Ben - Simmons, both not only support the 76 now, but also Light up the team's future Tre Jackson Jersey. In fact, compared to the performance of a few games ago, today, his performance has been much better. Although the score is small, but not many shots occupied, 7 in 3 hit rate barely said in the past. Most crucially, the players sitting on the bench at the chasing points of the fourth quarter match today turned Clarkson and Randall Kevin Faulk Jersey, not the ball.

The Cavaliers overtime beat the Clippers

Le 20 November 2017, 07:40 dans Humeurs 0

The Cavaliers overtime beat the Clippers, James campaign to get 39 points, which is his career against the Clippers get the highest score, so that James against all 30 teams in the league have all got at least 35 points Rex Burkhead Jersey. Currently, in the league of 30 teams, James just failed to get 40 + in the face of rockets and Clippers. Although Okafor waits for the deal, although Furtz is still in a halt, but under the leadership of Embed and Simmons, the Cavaliers beat the Cavaliers with a record of 6-8 in the Eastern Conference and their last 14 games last season Win 8 games Joe Cardona Jersey, still in the 2012-13 season. The 76ers have a 1-4 start and have won seven games in the ensuing nine games with the paces coming in Matthew Slater Jersey. Losing does not matter, the point is how to learn lessons from them, to win, and the Phoenix Suns apparently did today. The night before the light was the first half was the Rockets scored 90 points in the tragic situation still vivid, these young people obviously do not want to repeat the same mistakes Dont'a Hightower Jersey. In the pre-race lounge, the group of young people was significantly quieter, while the whiteboard clearly states today's focus on "defense." Obviously have the words of the coach at heart, the sun only opponents scored 53 points in the first half, leaving the Lakers mistakes the entire game again and again, and this effort so that they eventually won.

Knight to win

Le 20 November 2017, 07:40 dans Humeurs 0

Knight to win, James to create a record, "Sir Wilfrid" also not far behind, Zweway joined hands to accomplish the "uncle night", Wade debut this game to get 23 points and 11 rebounds and 6 assists, he has twice this season Substitutes to get at least 20 points and 10 rebounds and 5 assists, becoming the only Cavaliers history twice hit the bench data backup. With the exception of him, John Williams (1990) and Ramon Murray (2001) made every appearances on the bench. The Warriors just swallowed a defeat and they were reversed by 17 points ahead of the Celtics in the away game, leading to a seven-game winning streak that ended with the Rockets overtaking the Western rankings and now second to the West with 11-4 Dont'a Hightower Jersey. Of course, the long season, losing is always inevitable, this does not affect the status of Warriors first NBA darling of today Marcus Cannon Jersey. The Warriors averaged 117.5 points per game this season, the league first, shooting 51.2%, 40.6% three-point shooting, the two hit rate is the league name, averaging 30.7 assists is the leader Eric Rowe Jersey. 76 offensive fire strong, averaging 108.5 points ranked eighth in the league, but compared with the Warriors no advantage at all. One of the big problems with the 76ers this season is defense Shea McClellin Jersey, who averaged 109.4 points per game, the fourth-biggest losing streak in the league. On November 12, the two teams clashed for the first time this season. Although the 76ers scored 114 points, the Warriors dropped 135 points. The Warriors made nine straight wins against the 76ers and the 76ers won the Warriors last 2013.

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